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Having the Right People in the Right Positions
Is Your Biggest Challenge and Greatest Reward.

As author, Jim Collins, states in his book Good to Great, people aren’t your greatest asset, but rather “the right people are.” We agree. In fact, your success depends upon them, from the lowest person on the corporate ladder to the person sitting in the corner office.

Now while no two businesses are exactly alike, all businesses go through similar stages of growth and development. Depending upon which stage of evolution your company is in and what your future vision may be, you will encounter different human resource challenges .

  • Do all employees, including management, have a shared vision for the future?
  • Are Executives clearly communicating goals and issues with employees?
  • Is a healthy corporate culture pervasive throughout your organization?
  • What’s the level of trust between front-line workers and decision-makers?
  • Are your employees adequately trained to perform at their best?
  • Do you have a performance management system to evaluate and develop your employees?
  • Are you successfully retaining key employees?
  • How well do you recruit and select the right people?
  • Does your staff understand their compensation plan and their employee rights?
  • Do you have a well-written and current HR Handbook?
  • Are job descriptions well-defined? Do Human Resources provide adequate support to your people?

Remember, your people need to be the focus of your strategic business decisions. If you fail to nurture your most important asset, your company will be doomed to failure.

HRBcan assist your company in all of these areas. Our talented and experienced professionals can assess your business and identify your most significant challenges through a series of interviews, systematic research and analysis.  

We then deliver and explain the importance of the assessment results and provide you with a customized plan of action that is linked to your specific corporate culture and overall business strategies.  

We mentor your staff and hold them accountable for enhancing your HR processes and programs, increasing the contribution and productivity of your employees, and positioning your organization for long-term success.

Our team is eager to help you. Won’t you please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can leverage the strength of our combined experience and expertise to help your people – and your business -- be all they can truly be? Your initial consultation is 100% free with no commitments required. Click here to contact us. 

"The HRB consultants are incredibly effective in delivering training classes. They have a way of making the training fit our needs and delivering the material in a manner that allows us to implement what we learned. Our employees love their classes, and we look forward to continue working with HRB."-David Wood, Manager of Engineering and Construction, ONEOK Partners
"I was introduced to Kent Williams at HR Business Links through a customer of mine. I knew we needed major help with everything from hiring practices to performance appraisals. We had none of these processes in place, and it felt like we were taking a shot in the dark with every person we hired. Kent worked with us to develop our core values and built a system to evaluate and hire prospective candidates based on those values. We are very confident that we have an excellent screening process for all candidates and are starting to see the results through less turnover and better performance. I feel we are doing a much better job of putting the right person in the right job and setting them up for success instead of failure. We never could have done that without HR Business Links. I would recommend them to anyone."-James Stoner, President, Welch State Bank
"HRB provided the direction we needed to keep us focused on the matter at hand - rebuilding our core. With their guidance, we established our mission and values that truly have become our foundation. On this foundation we are growing stronger as a company. Our employees have welcomed the positive changes which is evident in their performance and outlook."-Dale Todd, President and Owner, ETI INC
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