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Case Studies

HRB offers a unique approach to Human Resource consulting that combines diverse business knowledge and broad HR experience.

Knowing that businesses are in different stages of development, we will access the client’s business and challenges through a series of interviews, systematic research and analysis.

We then deliver the results of the assessment and customized recommendations that are linked to the client’s culture and business strategies.

The recommended solutions are designed to add value to the client companies, enhance HR processes and programs, increasing the contribution of its employees and the capability of the organization.

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"HRB provided the direction we needed to keep us focused on the matter at hand - rebuilding our core. With their guidance, we established our mission and values that truly have become our foundation. On this foundation we are growing stronger as a company. Our employees have welcomed the positive changes which is evident in their performance and outlook."-Dale Todd, President and Owner, ETI INC
"The HRB consultants are incredibly effective in delivering training classes. They have a way of making the training fit our needs and delivering the material in a manner that allows us to implement what we learned. Our employees love their classes, and we look forward to continue working with HRB."-David Wood, Manager of Engineering and Construction, ONEOK Partners
"Our experience with HRB has been incredibly valuable. Prior to our engagement with HRB, our hiring and selection process was average at best. With their assistance, we have been able to improve our selection process dramatically to ensure we hire the right people and add significant dollars to our bottom line."-JJ Hurley, President, GDH Consulting
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