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HR Assessment

Before you can plan for the future of your company, you need to take a snapshot of where you and your employees are today. Our Assessment provides this critical benchmark, and shows you how your company is performing today and makes recommendations for future improvements.

Our assessment determines the alignment of people practices with your company’s stated business goals and objectives. The methodology used evaluates the overall effectiveness of your HR function and your leadership. The result is an objective view of current processes and practices, and a prioritized series of actions to be taken to help achieve a higher level of success.

An excellent strategic planning tool, the Assessment is particularly helpful to CEOs, CFOs, and other business leaders in determining where to place emphasis during times of change. This tool is also very effectively used prior to hiring an HR leader, as a determinant of the skill levels and experience required to efficiently implement and manage the HR function within your company.

An effective Assessment begins with a clear understanding of your business goals and then provides an analysis of your  talent management strengths and weaknesses in the context of helping the company achieve your goals.

The Assessment ensures compliance requirements are met, but it further reveals whether employees, supervisors and managers are getting the support they need to be accountable in helping your company to achieve the desired objectives.

Such an assessment provides the basis for developing a proactive, strategically focused Human Resources function operating as a business partner with senior management to attract, retain and develop a workforce capable of meeting business needs -- now and in the future.

Areas we can assess include:

Corporate Identity/Culture

  • Vision/Mission statement
  • Diversity Initiative

Recruitment and Selection

  • Job Descriptions
  • Interview Guides

Performance Management and Coaching

  • Performance Assessment Process
  • Individual Performance Plans

Development and Training

  • Individual Training Plans
  • Training Plans tied to Performance Plans

Rewards, Compensation, and Benefit

  • Market Based Compensation
  • Company Sponsored Benefits

Succession Planning and Leadership Development

  • Formal Succession Plan
  • Leadership Development

HR Compliance, Policies, and Procedure

  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Records

If you would like to discuss utilizing our HR Assessment Process for your business improvement, please click here to contact us to discuss your needs and concerns today.

"HRB provided the direction we needed to keep us focused on the matter at hand - rebuilding our core. With their guidance, we established our mission and values that truly have become our foundation. On this foundation we are growing stronger as a company. Our employees have welcomed the positive changes which is evident in their performance and outlook."-Dale Todd, President and Owner, ETI INC
"The HRB consultants are incredibly effective in delivering training classes. They have a way of making the training fit our needs and delivering the material in a manner that allows us to implement what we learned. Our employees love their classes, and we look forward to continue working with HRB."-David Wood, Manager of Engineering and Construction, ONEOK Partners
"HR Business links has been a wonderful partner in helping us with all our HR needs. They work with our HR manager on forming the perfect profile for each position to help guide our selection. They have focused us on the development of our management team through leadership performance management, feedback and development/training work. These efforts have greatly empowered the team. They help us create benefit packages and bonus structures to reward our high-performing staff. Whenever we have called on them, they have consistently given us solid and valuable solutions."-Marilyn Ihloff, ,Owner & CEO, Ihloff's Salon & Day Spa
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